Monday feels like a Sunday


Good morning! It’s a little cool in Cleveland today but our home is warm and blissful. Here’s a rundown of the on-goings in the nest:

  1. We’ve discovered Spotify. Actually I sign-up a while back and was just able to download the player (my computer is a mess!).  I showed it to B and he flipped for joy. We’ve been listening to Sting, David Bowie, MGMT, Mos Def, and Kid Cudi’s Pursuit of Happiness. Awesome breakfast music!
  2. Speaking of breakfast, Brad made french toast with an array of great ingredients including the vanilla extract I made last year. When he opened the mason jar the whole upstairs smelled heavenly. Yum!
  3. W learned how to use a knife and fork about a year ago, but today his motor skills clicked and he was using it like a pro! Cutting his own french toast. What a big boy!
  4. M is a 3 year old terror and sweetie pie all in one. I’ll do a post my cute little Jekyll/Hyde later.
  5. I’m wearing a sweater. It’s nothing special, but it’s the first sweater of the season so I’m excited.
  6. Teavana Tea. Check them out. I just gave up coffee for my health, ’cause it was hurting me. I’d have a cup a day for two days and if I didn’t have a cup on the third, I’d have a migraine. So tea is now my friend like it was when I was young. I’m going to have fun this fall and winter trying new teas.
  7. We’ve been making a lot of stove top popcorn recently. A dear friend of mine makes it with coconut oil so of course I had to try that.Then last week when I was at L.E.A.F. night (a CSA night in Lakewood, OH) I found a vendor that sells red, blue, yellow and white kernels. I couldn’t decide what to try so I got a mix of all of them. Popcorn madness ensued. Popped in coconut oil and sprinkled with adobo seasoning and nutritional yeast flakes, this popcorn is better than anything I’ve even popped in a microwavable bag.

I think that’s about it. So enjoy your long weekend!

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