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here we go again


I had to go away from my blog for a while. I can’t say I did any soul-searching about what to do with it. Really, I just kinda forgot about it and let it sit quietly on the back burner while I put energy into other things. But for some reason I’m tempted to start writing about my family and myself again which is scary, to say the least.

While my blog sat stewing, I completed another year at home with my sons after being laid off from my teaching job. So very many things happened in that time that I can’t say I want to talk about it. Soul-searching about life was done and continues to be done, and you know what? That is how any nest works. So now I’m ready (I think) to move forward somehow and put myself out into the open in hopes of finding my bliss and learning the art of gratitude. Here we go.

Be blessed,