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Over the years our family has gone through many changes: new jobs, moving, new babies, trials and tribulations. To me, it seemed that our compass was trying to head north, but would find itself stuck in various directions, waiting for us to find our way again. I have to admit I find that to be quite uncomfortable, and I have been irritated and anxious about the future and not having a clear plan.

However, it seems life has a way of setting you straight when you just take some time and listen and wait. Our family recently moved to a farm in Oberlin, Ohio so my husband could manage it. Not only is this a great opportunity for Brad; it’s also a wonderful place for the kids to grow up, and it was what I was craving: distance, peace, quiet, and a supportive community.

There have been some challenges. Getting W to a school 35 minutes away for a month was one of them. And I really don’t like bugs and I have crazy allergies. But so far, it has been worth it. The old farm house, the awesome people, the fresh produce, the local eggs, the new piggies, the lightly scented air, and watching the boys run and play. Such good vibrations.

And so our farm lives begin.

Over the years our family has gone through